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Boston, MA - April 29, 2020- 1 Beyond Inc., the leading manufacturer of automated camera solutions, announces Zoom Rooms Room Controls for 1 Beyond cameras and multi-camera solutions, allowing users to change or turn on/off 1 Beyond automation features from the interface on the Zoom Room Controller (an iPad or tablet).


1 Beyond intelligent tracking cameras and smart switching systems create an enhanced Zoom meeting experience, allowing presenters to be automatically followed and cameras to auto-switch to the active speaker.


While tracking technologies are built-in and external control of 1 Beyond products is not required,  Room Controls allow a user, for example, to turn off tracking so that cameras are not moving when people are not in a meeting, or to switch between different layouts.


"Our goal is to simplify the meeting user-experience while providing video that would normally require a production crew,” says Terry Cullen, 1 Beyond Founder and C.E.O. “Offering Room Controls gives Zoom Rooms users that power within one interface.”


The 1 Beyond control options displayed for users are customizable per Zoom Room.


For 1 Beyond cameras, users can turn tracking on/off, select presets and manually pan-tilt-zoom with Room Controls.  Cameras typically used with Zoom include the 1 Beyond AutoTracker™ camera, which automatically follows a presenter; the 1 Beyond AutoFramer™ camera which automatically frames for however many people are in the room; and the 1 Beyond AutoFinder™ camera which auto-locates a person holding a microphone equipped with a MicLocator unit.


1 Beyond Automate™ VX and 1 Beyond Automate™ Select multi-camera solutions automate the switching between cameras and aiming of cameras either based on voice trigger or a simple button push. Users can start/stop auto-switching, manage local recordings, switch room configurations, change layouts, and/or manually switch to a camera and preset using the Zoom Rooms Controller.


Zoom Rooms Room Controls are included with every 1 Beyond camera or Automate system.  For more information, visit 1Beyond.com.


About 1 Beyond, Inc.


1 Beyond Inc. designs and manufactures automated cameras solutions for streaming, recording and video conferencing. Specializing in intelligent tracking cameras and automatic multi-camera switching systems, 1 Beyond provides an enhanced video communications experience for universities, corporations and government organizations without increasing the need for production or IT staff.




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