Intelligent Switching


Using the microphones in the room, the system accurately determines when to switch cameras to focus on the active speaker.

Stays on the Person Talking

Automate VX isn’t distracted by coughs, table noise, etc. Even if someone speaks over them, cameras will not switch until the original speaker has stopped talking. Switch times and noise delays are customizable and a microphone can be set to always have priority (CEO, chairman, professor, etc.).

Clean, Broadcast-Quality Switching

Automate VX avoids unnecessary camera motion with the ability to work with up to 10 cameras. Multiple cameras allow for primary and secondary shots to be set for each microphone location. Standard PTZ cameras (PTZ-IP20 and PTZ-IP12) are recommended in pairs for the best experience.


Customizable Default Shot

When no one is speaking, an optional default shot can be automatically switched to. This can be a something like a wide shot of the room, a shot of the podium or any other camera shot.