Compatible DSPs

When used with multiple microphones, a DSP is required to adjudicate between them. This does not interfere with room audio settings in your DSP. Below is a list of the compatible DSPs. If you have questions, please contact us.

Microphone Integrations

While Automate VX can use a DSP to determine between multiple single source microphones (button mics, goosenecks, pendant, etc.), 1 Beyond has also partnered with leading microphone manufacturers to provide direct integration for several beamforming and discussion microphone solutions.

Control Systems

Auto-switching on the Automate VX can be turned on or off along with several other customizations such as layouts and room configurations. Cameras can also be manually switched. This can be done through the 1 Beyond browser-based interface (on a computer, tablet or phone) or a third-party control systems. 1 Beyond provides a robust RESTful API for easy integration and existing modules are available for the following control systems.