AutoTracker™ 3

Industry leading tracking technology

The AutoTracker™ 3 is an innovative high quality PTZ camera that automatically follows a person based on facial and motion detection. Ideal for lecture capture or conferences, the AutoTracker™ 3 camera makes it possible to automate camera operations with no personnel and still have the viewing experience of a manned camera.

The first AutoTracker™ was introduced in 2014 and was quickly adopted by top Universities because of the superior tracking performance. With multiple years of development and experience in rooms of various sizes, the built-in tracking algorithm has had a chance to mature and improve.

All the tracking intelligence is built into the camera – no external system is needed. It can plug directly into a conferencing codec (software or hardware) or lecture capture system. It adjust for low light conditions better than other cameras in its class. It is currently the only tracking camera that supports NDI.

It is two cameras in one: a wide view camera that continually monitors the room for motion and a PTZ camera that follows the presenter. This dual camera approach allows the camera to make adjustments more quickly to keep the person in the optimal part of the frame.

FEATURES Connect directly to codec or recording/streaming device of your choice. Compatible with Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Cisco, Polycom, MediaSite, Panopto. No external computer required. Or, combine with the 1 Beyond Automate systems for multi-camera use.
    • Auto Pan-Tilt-Zoom
    • No extra equipment needed. Walk freely around the room (no lanyards, no mats)
    • Up to 1080p60
    • SDI Output
    • Available with NDI® (power, control and video stream on one cable)
    • AI Tracking built into camera
    • Works at distances up to 50 feet
    • Smooth tracking
    • Quiet operation
    • 2nd reference camera built-in
    • Full awareness of presenter
    • IP Control with POE+
    • Crestron module available
    • Easy one-time setup, customized for each room
    • Wall or ceiling mounted
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Image Sensor-Tracking Camera1/2.8" Sony Exmor CMOS, 2.14MP
Image Sensor-Reference Camera1/3" CMOS, f=3.73mm, Horz: 92ø, Vert: 50ø
Video Outputs2x HD-SDI (Tracking and Reference), NDI | HX© over Ethernet (optional)
Signal Formats (HD)1080p60/50/30/25, 1080i60/50, 720p60/50
PowerDC12V, <30W | PoE+
Operating Temperature32°-104° F (0°-40° C)
Dimensions & Weight8.9" x 8.3" x 6.4" (225mm x 212mm x163mm), 4.3lbs (1.96KG)
Mounts1/4" Threaded Mount Hole for 90° Wall Mount, "J" Ceiling Mount, or Tripod
Recommended Range15ft-50ft from subject, 8ft-12ft from ground
Focal Lens & Irisf=4.7mm-94mm, F1.6-F3.5
Zoom20X Optical, 20X Digital
Field of View59.5°-2.9°
Focus SystemAuto, Manual, One Push
Minimum Illumination0.5 Lux (30FPS), 0.1 Lux (60FPS)
Shutter Speed1/1-1/10,000 sec
GainAuto, Manual
White BalanceAuto, Indoor, Outdoor, One Push, Manual
ExposureAuto, Manual, Shutter Priority, Iris Priority
Tilt/Pan AngleTilt:30°-90°, Pan: 170°-170°
Tilt/Pan SpeedTilt: 0.1°-90° /s, Pan: 0.1°-120° /s
Number of PresetsUp to 256
Serial ControlRS-485, RS-232 (VISCA, PELCO-D)
Streaming ResolutionUp to 1080p30, User-selectable framesize/framerate/bitrate
IP Video CompressionH.265, H.264 (Four streams) (IP Stream Only)
IP Audio CompressionAAC (IP Stream Only)
StreamingRTSP, RTMP
IP Control ProtocolHTTP, RTP, TCP, UDP, ONVIF
Simultaneous ViewersUp to 10 Viewers
EthernetRJ45, 100Mb

Power Supply
Serial Control Breakout
USB with 1B Cam Manager Software
Wall Mount

Camera Accessories

PTZ Controller

Joystick and keyboard control. Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus Set and Call Presets, Control Iris, Bring up Camera Menu, and Start/Stop Tracking Address 255 Cameras over RS-232/485

1 Beyond Wall Mount

Wall mount for PTZ and AutoTracker cameras. Adjustable swivel head Dimensions: 7” x 4” x 2.6” White Metal

1 Beyond Ceiling Plate

For mounting PTZ cameras inverted Interlocking Mounting Base and Cover 9” Diameter Black Metal

Remote Power Kit

Remote power for installs where power must travel a distance greater than 15 ft. Ensures 12V Power Is Delivered to Camera Consists of 24V Power Supply with Voltage Regulation

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