Automate™ Select

Intelligent Browser-Based Control

Automate Select is a multi-camera media processing system with one-button scenario selection for automated camera control and layouts for different presentation scenarios.

  • Multi-camera switching solution
  • Simple interface for control
  • Available with NDI® (power, control and video stream on one cable)

Packages include PTZ cameras and an all-in-one switching, recording and streaming system with automatic camera control and graphics engine.

With scenario selection, switching, aiming and shot layout are adjusted automatically. No camera operators or AV switchers are needed and the system also eliminates the need for a Matrix Switcher or programming.

Lecture Capture, Corporate Training, Focus Group Testing, Video Conferencing, Webinars, Worship Services.

Compatible with all codec and recording solutions including: Teams, Zoom, Panopto, MediaSite, LifeSize, WebEx among others.

Name, select scenarios and/or enable recording/streaming from any phone, tablet, or computer browser. A simple button push on a browser or Crestron/Extron panel makes the scenario selection. Buttons can be named with intuitive names and as many scenarios defined as the organization needs. API for control with Crestron/Extron.

Easily switch scenarios to optimize the camera angles for different room uses. Position cameras anywhere, allowing for divisible rooms or multiple furniture configurations.

Automated recordings can be scheduled with a calendar program. Recurring events will be recording with no user-intervention at all. Scenario, file name, etc. can be defined at the time of scheduling to aid with downstream CMS and LMS integration.

Scenarios can be switched at the start of the recording or even during recording/streaming. Remote operation is possible via browser over the network with password-protected interface.

Users can design custom layouts for scenarios using an intuitive design program which allows for easy selecting, sizing and positioning of video sources.

3x or 7x HD-SDI Inputs, 1 HD-SDI Output
High quality video capture that can be recorded as ISOs.

USB cameras, IP streams, Powerpoint presentations, remote desktop screens, iPhone/iPad cameras, social media feeds, Skype sessions, webpages, locally stored video files and more.

Professional graphics, titles and backgrounds can be included. Then easily select or schedule the layout to record. What is recorded can be the finished product, eliminating the need for post production.

Scenarios can be added and removed and the user-interface in the browser or Creston panel will automatically reflect the change. No programmer needed.

With HD-SDI inputs and the option for IP streams, laptop screens and USB cameras, the Automate Select system captures, records and streams more camera angles and sources than a typical room capture solution.

Record the selected source layout as well as ISOs of the individual camera sources. Perfect for recording university lectures and corporate presentations, house of worship services and government meetings.

Built-in h.264 streaming encoder and presets for popular CDNs. With a single button push, the lecture or presentation can be viewed anywhere on the Internet.

Broadcast quality output. System feeds an external conferencing codec for real-time collaboration with the advantage of multiple sources. The presenter can switch between sources and layouts during the conference for different emphasis.

Automate Select records standard h.264 mp4 files for compatibility with online video players and CMS and LMS systems.

Automated scripts transfer files from the Automated Select storage to external servers and ultimately into courses in the LMS system. No need to manually add videos to courses.

Captioning can be added by submitting the files to captioning service providers.

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Browser UISelect scenarios and start/stop record, stream and output - Works on desktop, tablet and phoneSelect scenarios and start/stop record, stream and output - Works on desktop, tablet and phone
Graphic UIDesign layouts including multiple cameras, titles, logos, backgrounds, desktop screensDesign layouts including multiple cameras, titles, logos, backgrounds, desktop screens
Program RecordMP4 file (H.264 codec). User-selectable bitrate up to 10 mbpsMP4 file (H.264 codec). User-selectable bitrate up to 10 mbps
ISO RecordMJPEG MOV (30-200 mbps) Individually selectableMJPEG MOV (30-200 mbps) Individually selectable
Recording CapacityRecords to internal 500 GB SSD storageRecords to internal 1TB SSD storage
Streaming EncoderStream to multiple destinations at different resolutions - Can stream to any RTMP server and presets included for popular CDNsStream to multiple destinations at different resolutions - Can stream to any RTMP server and presets included for popular CDNs
NDI SupportFor inputs and program outputFor inputs and program output
Camera ControlNetwork (Serial via RS-485 Optional)Network (Serial via RS-485 Optional)
System ControlRESTful API over Network (TCP) for third party controlRESTful API over Network (TCP) for third party control
Video Inputs3 x HD-SDI Inputs7 x HD-SDI Inputs
Audio InputDante, 3.5mm Line In, USBDante, 3.5mm Line In, USB
Video OutputUp to 1080p60 , 1 x HD-SDI (Converters for HDMI included)Up to 1080p60 , 1 x HD-SDI (Converters for HDMI included)
Network Ports2x RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet2x RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet
Desktop Output1 x HDMI, 1 x Display Port, 1 x DVI (Monitor needed for setup, sold separately)2 x HDMI, 1 x Display Port, 1 x DVI (Monitor needed for setup, sold separately)
Dimensions & Weight16.75in x 14.5in x 3.5in, 14 lbs16.75in x 14.5in x 3.5in, 14 lbs
Power400W, 100-240V400W, 100-240V
Included AccessoriesRack Mounts, SDI to HDMI Converter, 20in Rails, Power CordRack Mounts, SDI to HDMI Converter, MiniDin to BNC Cables, 20in Rails, Power Cord

SDI to HDMI Converter
Mini DIN to BNC Adapters (Pro model only)
20” Rails
Power Cord

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