1 Beyond Adds New Cameras to its Line-Up of Automated Camera Solutions


Boston, MA – July 16, 2021- 1 Beyond Inc., the leading manufacturer of automated camera solutions, announces two new cameras to its line-up: The Hawk™ and the Falcon™. Both cameras fill a void for small-to-medium size classrooms and conference rooms that need a lower cost automated camera tracking solution. With little to no configuration required, these cameras will soon find their way into more rooms of schools and corporations.

The Falcon is a powerful presenter tracking camera that smoothly pans, tilts and zooms to follow a presenter. Its small form-factor is well-suited for smaller rooms. It is the first ePTZ camera from 1 Beyond and uses a 4K image sensor which is cropped to HD for output.  It uses facial and motion detection for tracking and is designed for rooms up to 25 feet deep.

The Hawk is a tracking camera specifically for the room participants. It combines two 12x optical zoom PTZ cameras, a wide-angle reference camera and six audio-locating microphones in a compact shelf-mountable solution. Built-in facial detection and voice detection software uses a new algorithm to accurately point a camera at whoever is speaking. Switching between cameras is seamless and automatic. The wide-angle reference camera feed is also available for an establishing shot of the room. Hawk is designed for rooms up to 30 feet deep.

With hybrid work and remote classes becoming the "new normal", more and more rooms need cameras to enable conferencing with remote participants. Camera tracking is essential to enable remote participants to be on equal footing with in-room participants. Close-ups allow remote participants to see facial expressions and feel more engaged in the class or meeting.

"For 6+ years, universities and corporations have been relying on 1 Beyond’s AutoTracker™ and Automate™ VX camera solutions in their large classrooms and high-end meeting rooms", says Terry Cullen, Founder and CEO of 1 Beyond. "We are pleased to now be able to offer our tracking technology very cost effectively for the small-to-medium size spaces that require and will benefit from this technology.”

"Covid was challenging for schools, companies and government entities, but it ushered in a new era of flexible work." comments Rony Sebok, CTO of 1 Beyond. "It's exciting to be able to offer technology that enhances the hybrid meeting experience and enables people to participate from wherever they are."

Falcon and Hawk are available and shipping now. Volume discounts are available. Contact sales@1beyond.com for more information.

About 1 Beyond, Inc.

1 Beyond Inc. designs and manufactures automated camera solutions for streaming, recording and video conferencing. Specializing in intelligent tracking cameras and automatic multi-camera switching systems, 1 Beyond provides an enhanced video communications experience for universities, corporations and government organizations without increasing the need for production or IT staff


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