At 1 Beyond . . .

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the video industry. The innovation and ideas of our team members have made us a leader in professional video systems for over 20 years and more specifically a leader in the AV industry with our award-winning camera tracking technology.

We are a tight-knit team with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our values guide what we do every day and allows us to turn an average workday into amazing advancements in video technology.

    • Innovative. We are intelligent problem solvers
    • Knowledgeable. We love to learn and absorb information
    • Professional. We are confident in our abilities and proud of our work
    • Passionate. We are evangelists for the things we love
    • Authentic. We are honest and open communicators

We are constantly inventing new solutions for our customers and every day is a new adventure. It might be designing the optimal solution for remote learning at a leading University or brainstorming the best video experience for a high-end Fortune 500 Boardroom.

We Are 1 Beyond

In Service

We pride ourselves in our dedication to our customers. We make every attempt to assess your needs and recommend the solution best suited to you.

After you purchase a 1 Beyond system, we provide you with not one,  but four levels of support.

In Technology

We continually push the envelope of creativity and innovation. We will not create one product without first thinking about how we can improve it in the future.

By basing all of our systems on open architecture and world standards, we make sure you can stay ahead of mainstream technology.

In Value

The benefit to our customers is the combined years of experience our team brings to the table.

When you purchase a 1 Beyond product, you are entering into a relationship with our entire company, our team of professionals.

We will not compromise on quality.

Our Executive Team

Terry Cullen

Terry Cullen


Terry Cullen is Founder and CEO of 1 Beyond, Inc. which he established in 1996 after he was not able to find a reasonably-priced digital video editing system to edit many hours of footage from a winter sailing sabbatical following the sale of his previous company. A computer specialist, electrical engineer and successful entrepreneur, Terry began his 30+ years of starting and running companies as president of an international PC board-test company, MasTech.

He founded a successful semiconductor test equipment company, SemiTech International, bought a bankrupt test company, made it profitable, and went on to win the largest worldwide semiconductor test contract General Motors ever awarded. Earlier, he headed Marketing at a high-end graphics workstation company and held various management and engineering positions at Digital Equipment Corporation including Product Manager for Ethernet helping to make it an industry standard. He began his career at Westinghouse Research Labs where he designed the control hardware and wrote the software for the world’s first fully automated railway system.

He is a graduate with a BS in Electrical Engineering, minor in Computer Science from Ohio Northern University and MBA from Harvard Business School’s Owner-President Management Program.

Rony Sebok

Rony Sebok

VP of Technology &

Rony began her career as a software developer at Apple and was a management consultant with BCG. During her 22 years with 1 Beyond, Rony has been responsible for customer support, new product development and technology partnerships. She has led the development efforts for the newest product line of Automated Camera tracking solutions and is excited to see them being adopted now by so many universities, corporations, and government agencies. Since her days at Apple, her goal has been to provide easy-to-use technology products to enhance productivity, communication and education. Rony holds a BA and MS in Computer Science (graphics and AI were her areas of specialization) and an MBA all from Harvard.
In her spare time, Rony loves the outdoors, hiking, rowing and sailing. Her personal goal is to visit and camp in all of the National Parks in the United States.

Our History

1 Beyond is Born!

1 Beyond is literally the result of the original garage effort to economically edit 20 hours of vacation DV footage! Terry has been in high performance computer, storage and applications design his entire career. After researching the latest hardware and software available, he designed a lossless non-linear editing system (NLE) system at one-tenth the cost of the dominant analog NLE systems of the time. The rest as they say is history. With over 1,000 NLE systems worldwide, 1 Beyond continues to keep abreast of technological advancements, move into new video production areas while always pushing to keep the company’s products "1 Beyond" the competition.


High Definition Editing

With the introduction of cost effective editing systems for High Definition, off-line editing using SD can be a thing of the past. At NAB 2003, 1 Beyond introduced an on-line High Definition editing and compositing system at a fraction of the cost of traditional HD editing systems. On-line editing of uncompressed, 10 bit high definition video. 1080i 29.97 requires over 35 times the data throughput of Native DV systems, but producing cost effective high performance systems and storage is what 1 Beyond is all about. With this introduction for example, 1 Beyond won HD systems contracts for ESPN and HD News HQ, the first 24-hour all HD news network.


High Definition Storage Products

At NAB, 1 Beyond introduced the industry’s first uncompressed HD Storage Area Network (SAN), purpose-built for the video industry. An HD editing system in the Adobe booth was editing original HD footage from Aerosmith with no disk array attached! If you followed the orange Fibre cable along the ceiling it dropped into the 1 Beyond booth where it was connected to the SAN along with several other HD NLE systems. 1 Beyond took home several Technical Awards for this (at the time seemingly impossible) accomplishment. The big prize was the Aerosmith music video produced by 1 Beyond “Making Honkin' on Bobo” was on the Sony Music site for years.


Wranglers and Movie Production

1 Beyond moves into production as Panasonic requests 1 Beyond to design a professional, rugged, fast portable system to off-load P2 cards. This was the origin of the award winning 1 Beyond Wrangler software for on-set Off-Load and Verify as nothing at the time was fully automated, fast and reliable enough for professional use. The original Wrangler was born. The introduction of the 1 Beyond Wrangler lead to initial Hollywood involvement in several episodic productions and was the beginning of 1 Beyond in major movies.


3D Workflow

1 Beyond history moves to another chapter with the introduction of 3D. Again, 1 Beyond moves further into production as Lions Gate Films asks 1 Beyond to design a complete seamless 3D workflow including in-sync 3D Recording, Off-Load and Verify and Instant 3D Review. The entire workflow for SAW 3D was completed on six interchangeable 1 Beyond Wrangler systems, and with Zero Downtime! This eventually lead to many of the major movies including Pirates of the Caribbean, the highest budget movie in 2009.



At the recommendation of major networks, IBM selected 1 Beyond to represent the M&E market in the development of the new Linear Tape Format System (LTFS) for LTO-5 tape. This gave 1 Beyond an early exposure to the LTFS format and has lead to the industry’s most complete product line that stretches from Production through Post to final project archiving.


4K High Performance Storage

At the request of longtime partner Discovery Communications, 1 Beyond’s history moves again with the development of early 4K Editing and storage systems. 1 Beyond’s experience with high performance NLE and storage design combined with the latest SSD technology yields the beginning of 4K playback and editing.



1 Beyond took its DDR Recording expertise to the Event Recording market by winning the NASA contract for the World’s largest Event Recorder. This was a massive project with 44 synchronized HD cameras utilizing 61 1 Beyond systems in total for control and recording (see web site for details). This development took synchronized multi-camera recording coupled with system reliability to a whole new level. It also included a 144TB 1 Beyond EzHDSAN and two 24 Tape Robotic LTO-5 / LTFS Libraries. This technology is now available in all of our DDR recorders including multiple 1 Beyond QuadDDR™ Event Recorders.


Discovery Communications and EzPrep

1 Beyond was selected by Discovery Communications to develop the hardware and software to implement a new level of efficiency to handle the incoming production Quality Assurance for the 4-500 companies worldwide submitting their work. What was a manual process inspecting productions visually on many random formats is now standardized on LTO-5 tape with LTFS and totally automated complete with format and video essence quality checking. 1 Beyond is not only working with other networks but also the Production companies going through the submission changes. The goal is to make this transition as painless and cost effective as possible. And 1 Beyond has the unique advantage of checking those production tapes with the same software that will be used for incoming QC. To benefit all, this is included at no cost with its 1 Beyond LTO NetDrive™ systems.


The StreamMachine

1 Beyond is selected by Matrox and Telestream to combine its field proven production systems with Matrox IO hardware and Telestream Wirecast software to create another industry first; a new concept of truly rugged, portable and cost effective turnkey recording and streaming systems. This combination has opened a whole new level of this very rapidly growing market with a tried and true, cost effective solution. In a few short months, 1 Beyond is already facilitating streaming broadcasts worldwide.


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